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ZR High-Efficiency Flocculant

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  • Release date:2020-07-17 14:05:56
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Product Introduction:

ZR High-Efficiency Flocculant is a nowel liquid foculant developed by our company, and ithas good effect on both clarification treatment of low-concentration, high-concentration and colored water and clarification treatment of wastewater and sewage, typical of convenient operation, stable effect at low temperature, free from water deterioration when it is excessively used, and other advantages.

Technical Indicators:



It is widely applicable to purification treatment of oilfield wastewater, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage.

Method of Application:

1. Flocculating effect is optimal when pH value is at about 5.8. ftor water pH value to decline due to hydrolysis of the product.

2. Blending speed is 71.5m/s, and it is generally not longer than 2min at blending.

3. Loading quantity may be properly enlarged when concentratin of treatment water is large. The general dosing amount is 50-200mg/L. and the specic loading quantity is determined by user according to stir test and production test.


1. Skin contact shall be avoided as much as possi ble, taking orally is strictly prohibited, and it shall be immediately flushed if  fling into eyes. Go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.

2. Pay attention to safety and wear labor protective articles when it is used on site, and it is strictly prohibited for the  chemical to splash into eyes and to leak.

3. Contact with eyes, skink and clothes shall be avoided, and otherwise large amount of clear water is required for flushing., and go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.


This product is pecked in the dry and clean iron drum or plastic bucket, at a 50~200kg packing specfcation,determinable 8ccord ng to user requirement.



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