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ZR Heavy Oil Viscosity Reduction and Displacement Agent

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  • Release date:2020-07-17 13:25:15
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ZR Heavy Oil Viscosity Reduction and Displacement Agent is a novel active agent product to increase the oilfield recovery rate develped on the basis of tertiary recovery, and this agentis superior to other similar products, as a multifunctional chemical agent integrating oil wellprofile- control flooding, viscosity reduction and pour-point depression, oil well cleaning andplugging removal into an organic whole, typical of remarkable effect on recovery of heavyoil, able to be extensively used for ilfield single -well chemical huff and puff. This agent ischaracterized by single operation, in combination with site condition and flexible injectionoperating pattern, able to effectively increase oil-well production. This technique is featuredby small investment, quick effect, low risk, and wide scope of application, able to improveintegrated economic eficiency, provided with relatively high technical content and relatively strong practicability.

Technical Indicators:



It is widely applicable to oilfield single-well chemical huffpuff. viscosity reduction, well cleaning, profile-control floding,plugging removal, and other measures.

Method of Application:

1. Applied to Single-Well Hff-Puff. Dosing amount is calculated acording to the operating well after well deanout and clear water is used to dlute the agent acording to certain proportion, to be injected using pump truck, to be replaced with clear water in the end. Shut down the well for reaction for 72h, and startup the well for production.

2. Applied to Heawy 0il Steam Huff Puff and Stearm Floodng: Before steam is injected into oil well, prepare the agent into 10% water solutin, to be injected using pump truck, with injection amount being 0.5-1.0% of the steam injection amount, and prooeed to reovery acording to normal steam injection process after operation is completed.

3. Applied to Heawy Oil Well Plugging Removal: As to some blocked heavy oil wells nearby the well belt, 80C 1% agent may be injected, and start up the well for production in well shut-in for 24h after operation is completed.

4. Applied to Heavy Oil Well Viscosity Reduction: Prepare the agent with warm water into 0.5-1.0% water solution to be added into the casing of the producing well.

5. Aplied to Water Well Profile-Control Flooding: According to the profile - control fooding process, match up the agent with polymer to be injected into the water injection well.

6. Applied to Well Cleanout: According to the normal well cleaning process, each truck is calculated as per 15t water to add the agent at 30- 50kg chemical liquid.


1. Skin contact shall be avoided as much as possible, taking orally is strictly prohibited, and it shall be immediately flushed if falling into eyes. Go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.

2. Pay attention to safety and wear labor protective articles when it is used on site, and it is strictly prohibited for the chemical to splash into eyes and to leak.

3. Contact with eyes, skink and clothes shall be avoided, and otherwise large amount of clear water is required for flushing,and go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.


This product is packed in the dry and clean iron drum or plastic bucket, at a 50-200kg packing specification, determinable acording to user requirement.


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