• 工艺技术
    The company adopts a Process Control System (DCS) to control the temperature during the production, storage, and loading and unloading processes in the workshop and tank area Indication, control, and alarm interlocking of process parameters such as pressure and liquid level. All other control systems have The communication function with the DCS system will transmit important information to the DCS for monitoring and control. DCS system In addition to completing basic process control, operation, monitoring, and management, the system also completes sequence control. According to the Design Specification for Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection and Alarm in Petrochemical Industry GB50493-2009 Requirement: combustible gas should be installed in areas where there may be leaks and accumulations in workshops, tank areas, and Class A warehouses Gas detection alarm device to detect equipment leakage and combustible gas concentration in the air. Once the concentration exceeds The set value will immediately trigger an alarm. In order to prevent and reduce process risks of the device and ensure personal and property safety Safety, environmental protection, and the use of SIS safety instrument systems in the production process. The safety instrument system is independent of the base The DCS system controlled by this process independently implements multiple safety instrument functions. Not intervening, let alone replacing The operation of the basic process control system. Equipped with hardware and software self diagnostic functions. Using programmable electronics System. Having functional safety certification from national authoritative institutions. The operation time is less than or equal to 300ms. The load of the central processing unit shall not exceed 50%, and the internal communication load shall not exceed 50%. External communication network negative The load should not exceed 20%.
  • 品质控制
    Quality control takes three steps, that is, raw materials, intermediates, and finished products are all inspected by professional inspectors Only after passing the inspection can the goods be released from the warehouse. After the raw materials enter the factory, quality inspectors shall follow industry standards or other agreements between the purchasing parties Standard proportion sampling is carried out on raw materials, and after passing the inspection, the warehouse is arranged for storage; Every step of production operation All personnel strictly follow the production process for operation, strictly implement node control, and quality inspectors inspect the quality of the products Control indicators and timely grasp detection. If there are process intermediates, the intermediates themselves should also be tested to Ensure the final product indicators are qualified. At the same time as factory inspection, sampling and packaging are carried out in accordance with company regulations, Only qualified products can be released from the warehouse.

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