一、 Infrastructure:

The factory is equipped with storage and transportation facilities such as raw material warehouses, product warehouses, and raw material storage tanks, as well as production facilities such as Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, as well as utility facilities such as pipe galleries, circulating water, chilled water, thermal oil, fire water tanks, transformer and distribution rooms, central control rooms, sewage treatment stations, and exhaust gas treatment devices. At the same time, a comprehensive building is set up for office use. The building area is 44284.7 square meters.


二、 Raw materials:

The chemical raw materials that the factory can use include hazardous chemicals such as ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, xylene, methanol, ethylene glycol, acetylene, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, and more than 100 types of general chemicals, with a designed production capacity of 200000 tons per year.

三、Company Production Overview

1、Architecture: The company owns a Class A warehouse with an area of 120 square meters; Two Class C warehouses with an area of 950 square meters each. Two Class A and Class C production workshops.

2、Main production equipment: more than 30 sets of stirring and reaction kettles, and 65 sets of other auxiliary production equipment, which can cooperate to complete various chemical reactions such as quaternization, phosphatization, high-temperature polymerization, neutralization exothermic, ethoxylation, etc; Two sets of distillation tower equipment can highly purify chemical products through the distillation process.

3、Main products

The company mainly produces products such as diethylene glycol monovinyl ether, diethylene glycol butyl ether, polyether, and imidazoline corrosion inhibitors.

4、Storage and transportation facilities

The factory storage and transportation facilities mainly include raw material tank areas, raw material warehouses, finished product warehouses, and other storage and transportation facilities, which are used to store production raw materials and products. The raw material tank area is mainly used for storing ethylene oxide (2) and propylene oxide (2), with a single tank volume of 50m ³, There are a total of 4 storage tanks, as well as 4 storage tanks for methanol, ethylene glycol, and xylene, with a single volume of 40m ³。 The raw materials are transported to various production workshops through pipe galleries.


Steam is supplied uniformly by the park, and the temperature can reach 180 ℃; The factory has its own thermal oil furnace, which can meet the production conditions of 260 ℃. At the same time, the factory is equipped with a circulating water cooling system, chilled water system, pure water preparation system, and compressed air system to meet production needs. A sewage treatment station and exhaust gas treatment system are set up in the factory to treat wastewater and exhaust gas. The sewage treatment station has a disposal capacity of 5t/d, and the treated wastewater and exhaust gas in the factory can meet the discharge standards.

四、foundry model

1、OEM: Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. undertakes various chemical processing services at its factory. The customer provides all raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical production formulas, accessories, packaging materials, etc. The factory produces according to the customer's requirements, and the finished products are sold by the customer. The factory charges processing fees.

2、ODM: Customers only need to submit chemical formulas and technical service requirements. Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. provides all raw materials, auxiliary materials, accessories, packaging materials, etc. The finished products are sold by foreign merchants, and Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. charges all material and processing fees. The design and production of ODM are independently completed by Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. After the product is formed, it is purchased by the foreign party.

3、Venue rental: Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. provides services such as venue and equipment rental. Customers can produce and process in the workshop of Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. charges rental fees for venue, equipment, water, electricity, and steam.

Cangzhou Zhongrun Chemical Additives Co., Ltd

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