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Application of desulfurizer in industry

2020-10-08 06:50:57

Physical and chemical properties: sulfur removal agent is white or yellowish spherical fine powder, odorless and tasteless. The density was 5.47g/cm and the relative density was 4.42-4.45. Melting point 1800 ℃, insoluble in water and alcohol. Slightly soluble in ammonia. It is soluble in dilute acid and sodium hydroxide. It can react with 30% hydrogen peroxide to release carbon dioxide and form peroxide.

Application: it is the main raw material of desulfurizer and catalyst for rayon and chemical fertilizer industry. It can also be widely used in rubber products, paint and other chemical products, In oil drilling, this product can react with H2S to form stable insoluble ZnS, and the product does not affect the mud performance after adding mud, so it can effectively eliminate the pollution and corrosion of H2S, and can be used as corrosion inhibitor and sulfur removal agent for oil and gas wells containing H2S. It can also be used in industry as light astringent and latex products to prepare calamine lotion.



In nonferrous metal ores, sulfur (pyrite and pyrrhotite) is a common and common metal mineral with high content, which can be recovered as sulfur concentrate. The existence of a large amount of sulfur causes great difficulties in the processing of polymetallic ores. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Most pyrite or pyrrhotite (Chifeng Guandi Cu Pb Zn deposit and Huogeqi Pb Zn deposit belong to pyrrhotite type) are closely associated with other metal minerals, and their mutual metasomatism is common. They occur along the edge of the mineral or the internal fracture of the mineral, and the grain size difference is large, so it is difficult to dissociate when grinding;

The floatability of sulfur is different. Generally speaking, the floatability of sulfur is better, which is similar to that of copper, lead and zinc sulfide ores, and does not separate. At the same time, different ore bodies, or different ore sections of the same ore body, even the same ore block, the floatability of sulfur also changes greatly, which is mainly due to the uneven surface structure of pyrite (or pyrrhotite), lattice defects, different impurities, different crystal forms and other factors during the formation of the deposit. In addition, the existence of soluble salts in the raw ore, especially Cu2 +, can activate sulfur and improve the floatability of sulfur. In the process of flotation, due to the floating of sulfur, a large number of middlings with complex composition, such as houbuhe lead-zinc mine, are preferentially floated.


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