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Heavy oil emulsifying and viscosity reducing agent

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At present, the commonly used methods for reducing viscosity in heavy oil extraction both domestically and internationally include blending with thin oil, heating, heavy oil upgrading and viscosity reduction, and chemical agent viscosity reduction. Mixing thin oil to reduce viscosity has adverse factors such as a shortage of thin oil and high prices; Heating to reduce viscosity requires a large amount of thermal energy, resulting in high energy and economic losses; The scope of application for upgrading and reducing viscosity is relatively narrow; Chemical viscosity reduction includes both oil soluble and water soluble viscosity reduction technologies. The mechanism of action of oil soluble viscosity reduction technology is still clear, with strong selectivity, making it difficult to develop viscosity reducing agents with a wide range of applications. Moreover, it only weakens the stability of the layered stacking structure of wax crystals and resin asphaltene, and does not completely "break down" aggregates, resulting in limited viscosity reduction ability, However, the application range of water-soluble viscosity reduction technology is relatively wide (including oil reservoir development, wellbore viscosity reduction, pipeline transportation, and other fields). This product is a new surfactant specially developed by our technicians according to the characteristics of heavy oil, which can significantly reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water. Therefore, after stirring at a certain temperature, the surfactant is adsorbed around the oil bead, forming a facial mask at the mixing interface, preventing the oil bead from re coalescence, greatly reducing the intramolecular friction, forming an O/W emulsion, which reduces the viscosity of super heavy oil by more than 90%; And this water-based viscosity reducer does not contain alkali, making it particularly suitable for emulsification and viscosity reduction in alkali sensitive formations.


  Appearance: colorless to light yellow liquid

       Active substance: 35%

       PH: 7 ± 2

三、Product features

  1、This product has excellent viscosity reduction performance of high viscosity crude oil. Its aqueous solution can form oil in water lotion with heavy oil, thus greatly reducing the viscosity of heavy oil and reducing the power of pumping unit;

2、Good resistance to temperature and hard water;

3、Low pour point, easy to operate and use;

4、It does not affect the demulsification of the produced liquid and has a high dehydration rate, usually greater than 90%;

5、Free from sulfur and chlorine, easily biodegradable, green and environmentally friendly.


This product is mainly used for emulsification and viscosity reduction of heavy oil.


200 kilograms in plastic drums.


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