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Application of reverse demulsifier - treatment scheme of cutting fluid wastewater

2019-09-17 14:58:01

Source of cutting fluid wastewater

Cutting fluid is a kind of industrial liquid used to cool and lubricate cutting tools and processing parts in the process of metal cutting, cutting and grinding. It has good cooling performance, lubrication performance, rust resistance, oil removal and cleaning function, but it is easy to deteriorate, denature and stink in the process of processing, and it will become waste water after a period of use.



Characteristics of cutting fluid wastewater

This kind of wastewater usually contains engine oil and surfactant, with high COD concentration, poor biodegradability and difficult treatment.

Application of demulsifier in this kind of wastewater

This kind of wastewater can only be discharged after pretreatment, secondary treatment and advanced treatment. Our demulsifier is mainly used in the pretreatment stage as the choice of oil removal. There are a lot of emulsified oil in the waste water, which can only be removed by demulsification, which is conducive to the subsequent treatment.



Effect comparison of demulsifier before and after use



Comparison of indexes of demulsifier before and after use



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