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ZR Bactericide

Product Properties

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  • Release date:2020-07-17 13:34:08
  • Product Description

Product Introduction:

ZR Bactericide is a novel bactercide, typical of high- efficiency and wide bactericide effect,and extremely strong klling ability to anaerobic bacteria, sulfate- reducing bacteria, sulfur bacteria. iron bacteria, and metatrophic bacteria, etc, and has certain clean stripping function, able to reduce corrosion of pipeline and equipment arising from bacterial growth, and also able to reduce blockage of formation void arising from bacteril reproduction.

Technical Indicators:



It is applicable to ilfield wastewater treatment and bacterial inhibition in reinjection system, and also applicable to sterilization and algae klling for chemical industry, chemical fertlier, chemical fiber, oil refining, and cooling water for power generation.

Method of Application:

This product is miscible with water, and may be continuously pumped into water treatment system according to concentration for use. The recommended concentration for use is 30- 70mg/L, determinable up to the site actual situation.


1. Skin contact shall be avoided as much as possible, taking orally is strictly prohibited, and it shall be immediately flushed if flling into eyes. Go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.

2. Pay attention to safety and wear labor protective articles when it is used on site, and it is strictly prohibited for the chemical to splash into eyes and to leak.

3. Contact with eyes, skink and clothes shall be avoided, and otherwise large amount of clear water is required for flushing, and go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.


This product is packed in the dry and clean iron drum or plastic bucket, at a 50-200kg packing specification, determinable according to user requirement.


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