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ZR Pre Dehydrant

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  • Release date:2020-07-17 13:28:31
  • Product Description

ZR Pre Dehydrant is a kind of composite pre dehydrating agent with high charge density and moderate molecular weight. It is applied to the treatment of oil-bearing sewage in the industries of refinery, printing and dyeing, textile, papermaking, metallurgy, etc., especially for the pretreatment of oil field produced liquid and free water before demulsification.

Technical indicators:



It is suitable for pretreatment of high water cut produced liquid in oil field and water treatment in refinery, printing and dyeing, textile, papermaking and metallurgical industries.

usage method:

It is usually pumped into the crude oil treatment system continuously, and the recommended concentration is 50-100mg / L

matters needing attention:

1. Avoid contact with skin as much as possible during use. Do not take orally. If it enters eyes, wash it immediately. See a doctor if necessary.

2. When using on site, pay attention to wear labor protection articles safely. It is strictly prohibited to splash drugs in the eyes and leakage.

3. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes, otherwise wash with plenty of water, and seek medical advice if necessary.


The product is packed in a dry and clean iron or plastic bucket, with a packaging specification of 50-200kg. It can be determined according to the user's requirements.


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