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ZR Clay Stabilizer

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ZR Clay Stabilizer is a novel long- acting clay stabilizer serial product co-developed by our company with the“ Institute of Oilfield Chemistry of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development",having been produced by our company and having been certified through the quality system of the Institute of Oilfield Chemistry, already applied in Daqing, North China, Dagang, Shengli, and many other oil fields, as oil well anti- swelling agent prior to oilfield acidification, fracturing, water injection, well workover, sand prevention, and gas injection, and good economic efficiency and technical praise have been achieved, typical of good value for extension.

Technical indicators:



1. It is suitable for the protection of shaly cemented water sensitive sandstone formation.

2. It is mainly used in the pre-treatment of oil and gas wells, and the pre-treatment effect is good before the new well is opened for pumping. Treatment before steam injection after old well flushing also has obvious effect.

3. Conventional clay stabilization treatment for non steam injection wells.

4. Acid fracturing additive

usage method:

1. Note Zr clay stabilizer does not need KCl solution.

2. Prepare construction fluid, dilute Zr clay stabilizer with water for 6-10 times, circulate and mix evenly, squeeze it into the formation with pump truck for balance, and replace it with 5% KCl solution.

3. The agent should be injected into steam injection well for 8-10h before steam injection.

4. The amount of water injection can be calculated according to the operation radius and formation porosity.

5. The concentration used in acid fracturing is 0.5% - 3%. Increase or decrease the dosage according to the design.

matters needing attention:

1. Avoid contact with skin as much as possible during use. Do not take orally. If it enters eyes, wash it immediately. See a doctor if necessary.

2. When using on site, pay attention to wear labor protection articles safely. It is strictly prohibited to splash drugs in the eyes and leakage.

3. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes, otherwise wash with plenty of water, and seek medical advice if necessary.


The product is packed in a dry and clean iron or plastic bucket, with a packaging specification of 50-200kg. It can be determined according to the user's requirements.


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