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Heavy oil asphalt dispersant

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Asphalt deposition is a major issue in the upstream and downstream of crude oil production. The deposition of asphaltene is related to its stability or solubility in crude oil, but not to its content. When pressure, temperature, pH value, pipeline shear force, and crude oil composition change, the basic properties of the reservoir change. At this time, the dynamic equilibrium of the crude oil asphaltene colloid system is disrupted, driving asphaltene molecules to continuously aggregate and form flocculation and deposition, leading to asphaltene instability. Once asphaltene becomes unstable, it can easily accumulate and form hard sediments that adhere to the formation pores or production equipment. At the same time, it increases the viscosity of crude oil, blocks oil pipes, and even causes production shutdowns. Due to the difficulty in remedial treatment of asphaltene deposits, it is necessary to prevent the deposition of asphaltene. This product is a polyhydroxy hyperbranched non-ionic surfactant with a polarity similar to that of the resin in heavy oil. It can interact with the resin and adsorb on the surface of asphaltene together with the resin. At the same time, the surfactant adsorbed on the surface of asphaltene can form hydrogen bonds with heteroatoms such as S and N in asphaltene molecules, preventing asphaltene from associating and aggregating, and stabilizing asphaltene molecules, Or it can disperse and dissolve the already deposited asphaltene aggregates, improving the stability of the crude oil system.


  Appearance: Light yellow to brown liquid

       Active substance: 50%

三、Product features

1、The dosage is extremely low, and generally adding 500-1000ppm to crude oil can achieve good asphalt dispersion effect;

2、Easy to biodegrade, green and environmentally friendly;

3、Non toxic, non irritating, non flammable and explosive, safe to use, and non corrosive to equipment.


This product is mainly used as an asphaltene inhibitor and dispersant in the process of heavy oil extraction and transportation.


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